#GreenShirtGuy speaks for many through laughter at anti-immigrant protest

At a Tucson, Arizona, city council meeting yesterday, officials voted to put a sanctuary citymeasure on the upcoming November ballot, requiring the city to fully enforce protections for immigrants.

The vote received pushback at the hearing though, and one mans reaction to it is now a symbol of the fight.

Meet #GreenShirtGuy.

Tucson previously declared itself an immigrant-welcoming city in 2012. However, a group of residents is charging the city to fully enforce the sanctuary city designation, which offers protections for undocumented workers.

That is receiving resistance from the local Republican Party.

At Tuesdays meeting, a vocal pro-Trump couple opposed the sanctuary city vote, holding up a pair of signs that read, Respect Our Laws or We Will Deport You! No Sanctuary For Criminals!

A woman in a Make America Great Again cap also yelled at the attendees and police needed to be called in to calm the audience.

However, what caught social medias attention was the man in the green shirt, activist and comedian Alex Kack,who was filmed by KVOA News 4 in Tucson, laughing at the couple.

#GreenShirtGuy was quickly born.

Overnight, hes become a beacon of joy for anti-Donald Trump folks.

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