FaceApp Filter Shows What Youll Look Like When Youre Older And People Post The Results (30 Pics)

It seems that most of these internet ‘challenges’ amount to little more than an excuse for people to share yet another photo of themselves. The latest is the ‘age challenge,’ in which people are encouraged to use the Faceapp old age filter on a selfie and share it with the world.

We’ve already featured the baby filter and gender-swap ‘viral sensations,’ where people played around with themselves and celebrities too, so now, obviously, it’s the turn of the oldies. Faceapp uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic, in this case adding the signs of aging including wrinkles, grey hair and sagging skin. How well it works remains to be seen, I guess we’ll find out in the future!

Would you give it a try? Scroll down to see how others are looking in a few decades time, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Keanu Reeves

FaceApp is run by a small team from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“We developed a new technology that uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic. For example, it can add a smile, change gender and age, or just make you more attractive,” explains founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov, a former head of department at Yandex who is funding the project out of his own pocket.


Barack Obama


Goncharov said that FaceApp is unique because they don’t apply a filter to selfies, they instead use deep learning technology to change the photo itself.

“Our main differentiator is photorealism,” he explained to TechCrunch. “After applying a filter, it is still your photo. Other apps intentionally change a picture in a way it is entertaining, but not a real photo anymore.”

“We believe that such entertaining effects are subject to trends, but photorealism is timeless.”

“In addition to a sound product concept, we think that we are quite ahead in terms of technology. As far as I know, there are no products or research papers that can claim similar quality on this task.”


Ryan Gosling


Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and John Lennon

These constant viral ‘challenges’ have made the app extremely popular, topping the app store charts in many countries.

There’s just something about human nature that delights in the concept, apparently. But how long can it last? Adding a smile or some wrinkles to a selfie can be fun once, but quickly gets boring. Now we’ve done babies, oldies, and gender-swapping, what’s next? Who knows. But boy, I just can’t wait to find out.


Will Smith


Eoin has aged so well 


Lady Gaga


Elijah Wood


The Rock


Went ahead and aged myself on FaceApp… It’s probably the most realistic I’ve seen so far. Kinda scares me a little


John Legend


Taylor Swift


Natalie Portman


Britney Spears


Justin Bieber


Billie Eilish



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Tried the face app old filter on my toddler. I don’t know whether to laugh or be terrified.


Donald Trump



Shawn Mendes


Selena Gomez


Kristen Stewart


Demi Lovato


Brendon Urie


Probably this will be me in 50 years.

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Vincent Marcus


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