Our AnalysisThere is a 6%

Our Analysis

There is a 6% chance that Donald Trump wrote this tweet himself.

This is tweet number 291 mentioning NBC from @realdonaldtrump – 57 since inauguration.

Word probabilities: 3/96 (Trump/Staff)
Time probabilities: 12/87 (Trump/Staff)
Metadata probabilities: 5/94 (Trump/Staff)
Posted at: Thu Mar 7 17:39:11 2019 EST [Link]
Tweet Source: Twitter for iPhone

The most informative terms in this tweet were:
news (Trump, 7.2:1), : (Other, 8.3:1), lawyer (Trump, 1.4:1), never (Trump, 3.6:1), presidential (Trump, 1.9:1)

A computer sees the following emotions in this tweet (NRC):
{‘fear’: 1, ‘trust’: 1, ‘negative’: 1, ‘anger’: 1, ‘disgust’: 1}

Grade level of this tweet (Flesch-Kincaid): 13.5

Breaking News @MSNBC: “Cohen’s lawyer contradicts Cohen’s testimony about never seeking a Presidential Pardon.”

-Some random staffer (possibly Dan Scavino), on behalf of President Donald J. Trump


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