Recently Trump made the outlandish

Recently Trump made the outlandish claim that Google’s algorithms are biased against him and “conservative & fair media.” Notice immediately how in his claim his continues his deceptive narrative that all media except for conservative sources are fake. He claims they are hiding news about him that is good.

Anyone who is half way reasonable can see that a man 14 months into a federal investigation, involved in multiple scandals both professional and personal, and someone who vomits incendiary comments daily is certainly due for a large amount of negative press.

Trump desperately needs to build doubt among his base and conservatives in all of our institutions that serve as checks and balances, because he is someone who literally believes himself to be above the law. From day one Trump lead his witch hunt against the free press and this has always been very purposeful, and this claim is an extension of that strategy.

The truth is that our institutions are working for the most part, there have been some serious caveats, but the checks and balances have been appropriately pushing back against Trump’s authoritarian and corrupt form of leadership. He literally cannot operate if these institutions like the free press and the defense department do their jobs.

This claim is no different than many other’s Trump has made without any evidence at all. He has falsely claimed that millions of immigrants voted illegally, that his phones were tapped, that he was spied on, that Russia was not responsible for hacking our elections, that China actually hacked our elections, and not to mention a list of claims about Hillary Clinton that have no evidence. Trump has been counted to have made thousands of lies during his time in office.

What is significant about this claim Trump has made is that he says “it will be addressed” and that can be counted on. This is a man who plants lies like this to set up the narrative to do something completely immoral and illegal. I have doubt he will make an attempt to control internet search engines in anyway he can to favor sources that push his agenda. When you listen to him he regularly calls sources that favor him as “fair” and anyone that does not praise him is fake and lying. He has no sense of integrity or ethics. If given the chance Trump would create state propaganda in heart beat.

I would advise everyone not to take this lightly.


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